FOG server as a peer to peer set-up?

  • Is this possible? I would like to have the Fog server on one PC and then image another PC. They would just be connected by a single network cable. The Fog server would have internet access through wireless on my home set-up.

  • @george1421 Many thanks that was along the lines that I was thinking but you’ve confirmed my thoughts are correct. I’ll go ahead now and set it up. Thanks again.

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    @Zourous You will need to assign an IP address range to this imaging network that is different than your home LAN network. So if your home LAN network is 192.168.1.x/24 make this imaging network and the fog server on the imaging network. For the HOME LAN network leave that interface to dhcp and let your home network assign the IP address or (maybe a better idea) assign the FOG server a static IP address on the HOME LAN network so that you always know the management interface on is 192.168.1.x address.

    When you setup FOG you will define the imaging network to the ethernet adapter and the dhcp server will bind to that interface only.

    Lastly you will probably need a small (cheap) switch or a cross over cable to connect the FOG server to the target computer.

    This configuration will work.

  • Hi George, thanks it was option 2 that fits what I need the best. Just wanted to know in theory that it works. I only need the internet connection to get fog updated on install really. I also wasn’t sure what static address to use for the Fog server if it’s just the server plus another PC. My home wifi uses a class C address and would hand the server an address to use for the internet access. At the same time the Fog server needs to be a DHCP for the one PC that is going to connect to it. I wasn’t sure if this type of configuration with two DHCP’s in use would cause issues.

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    @Zourous I can read your request a few different ways.

    1. You want to setup a fog server with an imaging network and a business (home) network. Your business network will be connected to the internet over home wifi. Is this possible? Yes. The fog server will need to supply dhcp and dns services to your imaging network. This is a normal function in fog if you pick these options while installing FOG. You will need to know the linux name of the imaging network interface as well as configure the imaging network interface with a static IP address before you install the FOG software.

    2. You want to directly connect a PC to the FOG server using a single cable for imaging. You don’t plan on using a network switch on your imaging network. Can I plug the ethernet cable directly between the fog server and the target computer? Yes. You will need to use an ethernet cross over cable for this. Some network ports will auto detect which mode to use (mdi or mdi-x) but using a cross over cable will work in all instances.

    X. If you want your FOG server to act as a router between your imaging network and the internet, is that possible? Yes. You will need to make a few changes in linux to convert your FOG server into a router so the clients on your imaging network can reach the internet (for what ever reason).