• Snapins used to work on our fog server until we moved it to a new vlan. Now they don’t work at all. The IP’s were changed where needed but it does not seem to help.

  • Maybe you should change the memory_limit parameter in the php.ini.

  • Most of my snap-ins were made with InstallRite and are uploaded to FOG as executables. I have two servers which are identical and setting are similar except for the IPs. Snap-ins work in one but not the other…

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    Maybe someone with more experience with snap-ins can answer this, but how does the fog client retrieve a snap-in file? Is it HTTP, FTP, SMB, or what? Maybe once we know that, we can figure out how a simple IP address change on the FOG server made snap-ins unable to be retrieved.

  • Flushing the dns had no effect on it. I still get the snapin file shows zero size and can not be downloaded

  • I am not having any issues with the hostname change or adding it to the domain. The only problem is with snapins pushing out. Fog will indicate that it is in progress but nothing happens on the client end. See attachment for Fog log.

    [url="/_imported_xf_attachments/0/224_fog 12.19.txt?:"]fog 12.19.txt[/url]

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    on the client, ipconfig /flushdns

    only needed if the client is configured to use the hostname of the fog server and not the IP AND the client is not resolving the hostname of the fog server to the correct IP.

    If that’s not the issue, can you post the entire FOG client log file for the client boot up when the snap-ins don’t work?

  • Yes, changed the IP address but did not flushdns. How do i flush the dns?

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    Silly question, did you change the fog server IP address in the client config file or flushdns in case you used the fog server hostname instead of IP?

  • Part of the fog log shows this:
    12/18/2012 1:45 PM FOG::SnapinClient Starting FOG Snapin Download
    12/18/2012 1:45 PM FOG::SnapinClient Download Failed; Zero size file.