Updating FOG and Storages from 1.5.4 to lattest version

  • Hello everyone, hope you all are alright in this troubled times!

    I’m planning on finally upgrading my FOG server from version 1.5.4 to lattest stable version available, but I have some concerns I must address first, maybe you can provide me some insight!

    1. im running the server in version 1.5.4, and with it, about 160 remote locations running Storages. Will I have any serious issues if I update only the main server to lattest version, leaving the storages on older versions?

    2. About the Storages, I know the best to do when updating main server is to update the Storages at the same time to ensure compatibility. BUT the large maiority of my remote storages dont have Internet access. Considering this, is there any way I could upload everything to my Storages via local network and then make then offline update? In this case, updating the main server first or the storages first? Ah, my storages are all running on CentOS7.

    thanks in advance, and stay safe!

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    @scosta Sorry but I don’t get what you mean by that quoting the term ClusterSSH as well. Please rephrase your question.

  • @Sebastian-Roth said in Updating FOG and Storages from 1.5.4 to lattest version:


    thanks for the hints and sorry for the delay in answering! another question, running the install script would do the trick on an existing and running 1.5.4 server?

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    @scosta It’s good you ask in the forums before taking this step. Better to consider this thoroughly than heading into it blindly. A few things come to my mind:

    • FOG 1.5.9 is on the doorstep and I suggest you wait for that!
    • Between 1.5.4 and 1.5.5 (and later!) where was a major change in the way FOG replicates images and snapins. See the important notice in the official release statement. So I would say updating main server and all storage nodes in mandatory in this case - at least for all the nodes that get the images replicated.
    • Have you used ClusterSSH before? In my last job I updated our servers by the lot - like 12 or so in one go. If you have a screen huge enough you could do even more I suppose.
    • We don’t support offline updating as of now. But if you are keen you could hack the installer script to skip the steps that need a connection to the internet.