How to deploy bios settings before deploy image

  • Hi,

    I’m back after 7 years, i’m in late ^^. Today i want to deploy W10 Image on 60 Intel NUC 8i3BEK, but i need to boot on PXE and i don’t want to set boot order manually.

    Have you an idear about how can i do that ?

    Thanks, have a nice day everyone.

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    This is on an i3 NUC and its F10 to get into the boot manager.

    Then in the bios you need to make sure the uefi network booting is an option

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    On the intel nucs its either F10 for F11 while booting. This should take you to the boot manager where you can select network booting. BUT you need to make sure that uefi network booting is enabled in the firmware. This doesn’t change the boot order you just need to make sure the network stack is enabled. Let me see if I can get a screen shot.

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    @Carbonnier-Alexandre Hi and welcome back!

    For this you would need a tool to change BIOS/UEFI settings for you. This is not something generally available but is provided by some manufacturers. E.g. there is Dell Client Configuration Toolkit (CCTK) and in your case maybe Intel System Configuration Utility (syscfg) can do the job. I say maybe because I have not done this myself yet and I am not sure it’s made to work with NUCs as well. But it’s worth taking a look.

    If you are able to push settings via the tool I am fairly sure you can automate the process using GPOs or something similar. Depends on what state those NUCs are in at the moment. Are they all with Windows installed or empty disk?