One main FOGserver at HQ, multiple FOG nodes deployed to client sites, using location plugin, and all connected back through wireguard

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    @p4cm4n This sounds like an interesting project. I hope that you deleted the posts not by intention!

    While I have not used wireguard myself yet it seems to be a nice tool and should allow you to setup things as you intend to. Might need some more considerations on where to place the VPN gateways in each network to get the routing right and not make it too complex.

    The slowest link between any one route of them will be 20 Mbps.

    A 20 GB image would take two and a half hours if you look at the plain numbers. I am sure it will take longer as you can’t have full speed all the time. It would even be wise to throttle replication speed to not lock up internet access for the offices. But if you don’t change images on a daily basis I reckon this is a reasonable setup.

    I would suggest you set Image Manager to “Partcline Gzip Split 200 MB” for the images. This way replication can pick up again if a connection break terminates the replication of an image half way.

    I’d like to be able to login to MAIN, and find the host sitting at Client C

    For this setup you install FOG in master mode and the main site and as storage nodes at site A, B, C, … but you need to know that capturing an image at a remote site will push this through your VPN tunnel to the master node directly! There is no way to capture “local images to a storage node only”.

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    Mod Note: @p4cm4n did you intend to delete all of your posts while leaving this thread active?

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    @p4cm4n The first questions coming to my mind are:

    • How speedy are the internet connections of main site and all the remote sites (asking because of image replication traffic)?
    • Do you want to capture images at the remote sites as well?