Please help - I have Win 10 many problems with image

  • Hello, first of all sorry for my bad english. I am using fog project in our company. Imaging is going well but there is problem with windows 10.
    I created fresh install of windows 10 in virtualbox and snap image with FOG. When I install fogclient - I get error during system deploy - windows installer crashes. Is it correct?
    I have digital license in BIOS. After deployment there is error with hardware chage so system cannot be activated. Can you help me, please?

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    @fog_client Well it depends. Did you download it from a microsoft VLK site (requires a login and account) or did you download it free of charge via the ms download site? If it was the later then its an OEM version that will activate itself using the OEM key if installed from the ISO image. The VLK media (different code than OEM download) comes with either a MAK key or KMS key to activate windows.

  • @george1421 If I downloaded windows 10 iso file 1909 - it is OEM?

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    @fog_client Ok so the system now images fine but it doesn’t activate. I’m going to give you the legal answer first based on a guess.

    If you are configuring, capturing and then deploying an OEM based image then this action is against the MS EULA. OEM images may only be installed from the OEM media and not customized and then redeployed. If you have 100 OEM Win10 Pro licensed computer then you can purchase 1 Win10 Pro VLK license and deploy to those 100 OEM computers as long as the license matches exactly. You can not purchase 1 VLK WIn10 Enterprise license and upgrade those 100 OEM Win10 Pro license to Win10 Enterprise. For that you will need 100 Win10 Ent licenses.

    If you are deploying a VLK media, then you should enter the vlk key into the unattend.xml file or setup the command in the setupcomplete.cmd file to apply the license key and then activate windows from the setupcomplete.cmd file. If you have a KMS key then just enter the KMS key into your unattend.xml file and the client will contact the KMS server to activate.

    For discretionary purposes the windows 10 OEM key is contained in the SMBIOS and can be read out using a windows utility or a linux utility. So there are ways to access this key to reactivate your previously activated OEM license in case windows looses this activation key.

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  • Probably I found solution for one error. I installed fog client before sysprep and I forgot to disable it. So there is only problem with activation. On google there is many activation errors - but in my case it says something about hardware change.
    image with error

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    You have too many problems in one post.

    So you created a Win10 image, sysprep’d it. You had sysprep power off the computer before you captured with FOG?

    If you deploy that image to a new computer does it install completely?

    Does OOBE/WinSetup crash during the beginning running of windows? If so what is the error you see?