• Bom dia, tenho uma duvida sobre dhcp , estou usando o fog como servidor de imagem certo!, e usando o servidor dhcp no Windows server 2008, estou com dificuldades nas opções 67 aonde coloco qual arquivo será usando no boot, esta funcionando tudo por em quanto, minha duvida e a seguinte ha algum modo que eu consiga deixar as opcoes de boot no dhcp UEFI e LEGACY juntas, ou toda vez eu terei que trocar no escopo do DHCP?
    Desde de já agradeço!

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    Sorry my Portuguese is not good so I’ll answer in english.

    If you have windows 2012 server you can configure it to support dynamic dhcp option 67. For windows 2008 you have no joy. For 2008 you can only pick bios or uefi booting. You can still make FOG work in your environment. You will need to install DNSMASQ on your FOG server and let DNSMASQ send out the pxe boot information.

    If you have Windows 2012 or later server you can follow these instructions for dynamic booting of bios/uefi: https://wiki.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php/BIOS_and_UEFI_Co-Existence#Using_Windows_Server_2012_.28R1_and_later.29_DHCP_Policy

    To instal DNSMASQ on your fog server: https://forums.fogproject.org/topic/12796/installing-dnsmasq-on-your-fog-server

    One doubt with DNSMASQ is if your client computers are on a different subnet than your fog server you will need to make a change to the dhcp-relay service on your router. You will need to add the FOG server’s IP as the last dhcp server in the dhcp-relay service list.

    Mod Note: Translation via Google
    Good morning, I have a doubt about dhcp, I am using fog as the right image server !, and using the dhcp server in Windows server 2008, I am having difficulties in options 67 where I put which file to use at boot, this is working all in how much, my doubt and the following is there any way that I can leave the boot options in the dhcp UEFI and LEGACY together, or every time I will have to change within the scope of DHCP?
    Thanks in advance!