• I’ve been working on building some snapins and I’m looking at deploying some rather large packages (Adobe CS, Autodesk) and scripts. I think I’m doing pretty well, but I came across a thread from 2017 that peaked my interest.

    Executed Snapin Status information in Webinterface

    As I’m using Fog snapins to trigger external tools and scripts I thought this would be a really cool idea to have addition feedback along the process. I’ve been trying to look into these calls without much success.

    checkin and obtain taskid
    then to update status:

    stateid seems to be an interger value, but I can’t find where the conversions to words are located in order to add additional values. Also I can’t seems to change the status using the call as described.

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    @John-Sartoris Sorry for the long delay. Took me a while to get other things done and find the time to look into this. I have not played with this myself and so I needed some time.

    The topic linked mentions the Task State plugin (named taskstateedit). You need to enable/install it as a first step. Then define new task states that you want to have manually.

    I have not been able to fully replicate the update of task states using the mentioned URL yet but I suppose we can figure this out if you are still keen to get this work. Let us know if defining the new states manually is something you consider to be usable in your case. I don’t think there is any other way. You can’t just call the URL as ...&stateid=This%20is%20my%20new%20state sort of thing.