This is a new one. Can't find image?

  • Long story short.

    HP ML350p with MD1000 Storage. Built on RAID 10 using 11 X 3Tb Drives 2 Luns 2 Hot Spare.

    ESXi 6.5

    Lost a drive on the RAID 10, no big deal. It grabbed a Hot Spare and it rebuilt. Replaced the failed drive, and by morning 3Tb of data is back.

    Launched vSphere, and had to re-import VMFS into the datastore.

    I kept the same disk signature, rebooted and boom, fog is again noticed as a VM. Rock on !

    Fire up fog (Loaded as 1 Disk on 1 LUN) I can boot to fog, log into fog, and see images where they should be.

    One deploy worked no problem, however the next 2 models did not ?

    Unable to locate image store (/bin/

    I’m a bit confused as they seem to be there, and fog is up and running deploying one image.

    UUID didn’t change on RAID 10, kept disk signature.

    Anything I should look at as a path that may have been changed somehow, and somewhere I’m not looking ?

    Many thanks in advance ! I hate to rebuild as moving 3+ Tb of data sucks !

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    @Cire3 Lets start with what version of FOG are you running

    1. What does the image definition look like for the one that doesn’t deploy?
    2. Is everything stored on the root partition or did you add a new disk (originally) to contain your images?
    3. What does the output of df -h and lsblk look like?