• We have Fog cloning setup with .32 version. We currently use windows 7 32 bits Dell Optiplex 790 PC and Fog .32 is working properly. Recently Our agency bought Dell Optiplex 9020 64 bits windows 7 PC. How can I configure fog so that I can upload 64 bits machine ? Whenever I go to register the 64 bits PC, it will not register it. Fog message says “unable to register the host”.

    I looked up the forum answer. I know I have to update the Kernel for 64 bits but I do not want loose 32 bits Image. How can I keep both 32 bits which is working fine and add image for 64 bits.

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    @phamdien said in Win7 64 bits imager:

    I know I have to update the Kernel for 64 bits but I do not want loose 32 bits Image.

    Why do you think you loose the 32 bit image when you update FOG to a more recent version? The image data won’t be upgraded to 64 bit or anything no matter what you do.

    I suggest you setup a fresh clean new FOG server using the most current version beside your old FOG server. See if you can set things up so you can switch between the both (mostly depends on your DHCP setup) and when you have it running properly you can move your image(s) from the 0.32 server over to the new one and keep your fingers crossed for them to still deploy. They really should and if they don’t we can still try to help and fix things in the most current version.

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    The version of FOG 0.32 is really too old for the developers to help you. From a technical standpoint 0.32 version of fog only supports 32 bit. Its kernel is only 32 bits. But it can capture and deploy a 64 bit target OS no problem. A 32 bit FOG kernel can run on a 64 bit processor no problem. I might think that the FOG kernel for 0.32 might not have the network driver for the 9020 and that is why it can’t register on the network. Is there a hardware compatibility test in the FOG iPXE boot menu of 0.32? Its been more than 8 years since I personally worked with 0.32