NFS storge synology with different netwokk

  • I can not make image to Nas Synology with vlan different ,


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    We’ll need a bit better picture of how your network is constructed.

    Is the 192.168.9.x subnet just a dedicated imaging network, or is it a general business network with printer and an internet connection?

    Is the 192.168.10.x subnet your general business network? Does it have a connection to the internet?

    Where is your upstream router? From that upstream router can you get to the internet?

    Sebastian is right about configuring the fog server as a router to forward packets between the interfaces. Its not the best solution since all of the data between the nas and the target computers will flow through the FOG server. Its totally possible to do, I just want to make sure there isn’t a better way to go about this.

    Is your FOG server a physical box or is it a VM?

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    @npkhanhs While this is essentially not a FOG issue we can still try to help. But I have to say that there are way better forums for this specialized on network questions like this.

    In the setup you have in the picture your FOG server needs to be a gateway/router to forward network packets from subnet to and back. You need to enable IP forwarding in the Linux kernel, set allow for the iptables forward chain and tell all the other machines (PCs and NAS) the correct gateway IP address ( for the NAS and for PCs).

    The picture with the routing table you posted shows two default gateway entries set on the FOG server. This is definitely not a good idea!! You need to decide which “leg” is going “upstream”.

  • @Tom-Elliott , I can ping to 2 vlan (ping to Nas and PC on vlan at fog server, so i not save image to Nas


  • @npkhanhs Then your network is not configured properly. See, the NAS and FOG Server are on 192.168.10.X network correct? DHCP the FOG Server is managing is Both networks are (/24)

    What does this mean?

    192.168.9.X can ONLY route through 192.168.9.X
    192.168.10.X can ONLY route through 192.168.10.X

    On the FOG server, you would need routing added to take the 192.168.9.X interface and pass through to the

    FOG Can communicate to both networks because both NICs are on the server. Pinging 192.168.9.X goes through the interface 192.168.9.X is configured for. 192.168.10.X goes through the interface 192.168.10.X is configured for.

    Can the Client machine on 192.168.9.X ping the 192.168.10.X network? I suspect it cannot.

  • I want save image to Nas , if Nas and PC same vlan it ok
    The VLAN’s can communicate together
    version of FOG 1.5.8

  • Are your 2 VLANs configured to allow both subnet’s to communicate with one another?

    You’ve literally given is this amount of information:

    Storage on different network, imaging isn’t working. There’s not enough detail. (You gave us the IP’s but that’s it.)

    Can the VLAN’s communicate with one another?

    What version of FOG are you running?

    How did you configure the GUI to recognize your NFS server?

    This ties in with the prior question, Is the NFS storage to be independently a (it’s own) fog storage node, or is the NFS share mounted to the FOG Server, and you’re getting a permission denied issue (An mounted NFS share cannot be NFS shared.)