• Hi,
    i have a problem with the ipxe address
    The boot start and failed…
    The dhcp is well configured, talk to my fog server and failed because it wants to communicate on a another network…
    my dhcp is 10.11.X.X and the ipxe answer 10.111.x.x

    do you know where i can configure that.i spent the whole day to find the solution and nothing…
    thank you so much
    you will find the attached file to see the issue
    ![0_1587742357572_erreur ipxe 10.111.png](Uploading 100%)

  • Moderator

    @tigervince30 Good you found the second DHCP server. I had a feeling this would be caused by a stale DHCP server in your network.

  • I finally find the solution.I don’t know why but i have two distinct dhcp…the first one gave the ip address and the second one answered about ipxe tft…the second dhcp is not supposed to anwser because it is not the same network…
    thank you. you can close the ticket 🙂

  • Moderator

    @tigervince30 Please post more infos about your DHCP config. As well you might upload the picture to some image share and post a link here.

  • i checked inside \tftpboot\default.ipxe and the adress is my fog’s adress… AND NOT 10.111.X.X