Using FOG 1.5.7 with Dell Latitude 7400 2 in 1 with secure boot and raid enabled

  • I have FOG 1.5.7 running on Linux Mint Mate 19.3 in a VM on Oracle Virtualbox. I have uploaded a Windows 10 sysprepped image of a Dell Latitude 7400 2 in 1 and I am able to deploy the image successfully to other Dell Latitude 7400 2 in 1 computers successfully using Capone.

    My issue is that I have to disable secure boot and raid on the new computer before the image is deployed. My company just ordered 600 new Latitude 7400’s and having to disable these settings on each computer before imaging and then enabling them on each computer after imaging is time consuming.

    Both George @george1421 and Lee Rowlett @lee-rowlett mentioned that they were able to get an image deployed to a computer with secure boot enabled. Can you both provide any assistance on both the secure boot and Dell raid issue?

  • Moderator

    I have not been able to duplicate access via the ubuntu shim since I initially setup the configuration. It appears that the shim now checks the chained kernels or the secure boot code has been improved to check for signed kernels.

    As for the raid-on issue. That is a known issue with the intel raid controller and linux.

    I wish you well working with the 7400 2in1. I images ours last jul when they were first released. Those are interesting and finicky systems to image. Once they are imaged they are very nice computers. I can tell you the power button is only a suggestion to do things. Also if you want to get into the F12 boot menu watch the logo as it is powered up. As soon as the logo dims a bit then it will take the F12 key for a few seconds.