Can I image Apple without DeployStudio/NetRestore?

  • I’ve been using FOG .32 for just about 2 weeks now, and absolutely love it. I’d like to integrate images for Apple computers (both Intel and PowerPC hardware), but don’t wish to setup DeployStudio or NetRestore; I’d prefer to utilize the bootable factory image that you’d normally get on DVD or through the app store (the .DMG file). My FOG server is running on an isolated network, and I believe is setup to be the DHCP. Would it be possible to setup FOG in such a way that I could NetBoot the Apple units directly to the server, customize the PXE menu, and simply add an option pointing to a DMG file (similar to adding ISOs with the “raw” flag)?

  • I’m looking for a similar solution. I noticed this thread and I have asked for more details on how to use GPXE to image Apple off of the fog server.

  • I’ve read the Wiki article (’s_Netboot_working_with_your_FOG_server) several times, but haven’t yet had the chance to test. If I understand correctly the images for Apple would actually reside on the FOG server; will DeployStudio and NetRestore just act as a proxy, and allow the unit to boot over the network prior to connecting directly to the FOG server? If not do you think it would be too cumbersome for the FOG server to run a virtual machine containing either DeployStudio or NetRestore? I don’t have any spare Xserves lying around, but worst-case could setup another server with a VM containing one of those applications.

  • This is something that a lot of people have been asking for, but unfortunately FOG does not currently support. Apple computers don’t have PXE support, and currently nobody has come forward able to successfully chainload from Apple’s Netboot into PXE. I believe there is some documentation on the FOG Wiki about running FOG and DeployStudio side by side if you do want to go that route.

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