• Hello everyone, I have been working with FOG for several weeks, I think it is a great tool, but I would like to know if you have any option to schedule backup copies of the machines that I have registered.

    Thank you very much and greetings

  • With apologies for the necropost, I’m looking at exactly this question at the moment. My thinking is you could possibly pair FOG with Relax-and-Recover or SystemImager for a complete backup/image/bare metal restore solution.

    Looks like you would be able to add a Relax-and-Recover (ReaR) menu item to FOG’s menu for a full network-based restore, in the event of disaster. Since FOG can be used as a scheduler and general-purpose task executer, it is entirely possible to run one of these open source “live backup” solutions alongside FOG - i.e. on the same server.

    I also note that ReaR can deal with UEFI/MD RAID situations, which seems to be a rare gift. 🙂

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    @d3fuentes While I side with what George is saying that FOG is not intended as a backup tool I can still tell you that FOG is able to schedule tasks instant (now and only once) or so called cron-style (recurring). When you schedule a capture task for one host you just select “cron-style” instead of “instant” and set the schedule you want, that’s it. You need to have fog-client software installed on the host system for it to reboot to run the task or just use Windows task scheduler to force a reboot on Fridays.

    Images in FOG will be overwritten. So if you want a longer retention of backups you need to take care of this yourself!

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    @d3fuentes IMO you are not using FOG as it was intended. FOG is not a backup tool. Its a one to many imaging tool.

    If you want a very good free backup tool for linux or windows look at Veeam Backup Agent for Windows (or linux). This tool allows you to create a bare metal backup of your computer. During the install process you create an emergency boot ISO image. You can direct the backups to a network NAS or local usb hard drive. You can setup backup scheduled and do what you are asking with FOG. If your computer ever crashes, you just boot from the DVD. The OS on the DVD connects to your NAS or usb hard drive and downloads the latest backup. Veeam Agent for Windows (Linux) is a much better solution for a backup system than FOG.

  • @Sebastian-Roth said in Backup program:

    @d3fuentes What exactly do you mean by schedule backup? On a regular basis?

    I mean, my idea is to be able to schedule a copy of all the hosts on Fridays for example and save them as a backup

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    @d3fuentes What exactly do you mean by schedule backup? On a regular basis?