• Greetings. I was wondering if anyone ever kept track of the record number of computers that have been imaged with fog in a single 24 hour time span? While this post may sound like a moment to brag, I more so wish to thank every developer of the FOG platform. Because of your amazing work, a group of 3 technicians working for 12 hours, start to finish, imaged 524 laptops. I will be happy to submit screenshots and logs for proof 🙂

    These laptops will be going to children who do not have the means to continue their education through distance learning due to the current pandemic. At the end of it all, we were wondering “hey, I wonder what the record really is?” More so just out of blatant curiosity. Hey, that’s what got us this far…

    So, does anyone have that info? And again, thank you. You really made a difference in one small corner of the world. Even if it wasn’t a record.

    Sincerely, 3 tired and sore IT staff members.

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    Holy wow, that cranking out a newly image system about every 30 seconds or so. That is crazy fast. Well done!!