• Good Afternoon All,

    I’m setting up a new install for fog, previously we have used our HDD duplicator to image laptops and would encrypt the image so all imaged drives were encrypted as well. However, we are switching to SSD and cannot use this any longer. We are moving to fog and I’m wondering if the image can be encrypted with Symantec Encryption Desktop before pulling into fog for use.

    Appreciate any thoughts or advice!

  • Moderator

    The short answer is no FOG can not decrypt or encrypt any form of hard disk protection. FOG can clone encrypted hard drives in RAW (read slow) mode. FOG will not be able to resize images created in RAW mode. So RAW mode is a sector by sector copy so your target drive needs to be exactly the same size as the source or larger than the source. You do have to be careful of encryption that use the TPM chip. These types of disks created with these encryption tools can’t be moved between computers with the drives encrypted. The FOG server can surely clone them, but the target system won’t boot if the TPM chips don’t match.

    Typically you wouldn’t encrypt the source disk, and then launch the drive encryption on the deployed image via a GPO policy. At least that is how we did it using Symantec HDE.