• Hello,

    I wasn’t sure if this is the right area to get help. I used the LDAP plugin when on the older 1.5.7 version of FOG and it was working.

    I just upgraded to 1.5.8 and now when logging in it redirects to a page with a 500 server error. It doesn’t matter what login it is it redirects to a 500 server error.

    I can login with the root fog account but the LDAP that I had previously setup no longer functions. Has anyone encountered this?

  • Moderator

    @alansopro If you don’t get anything in the apache error logs you need to check PHP-FPM log or even try syslog/messages as you will get the error on those on some systems. If we don’t know the error, we can’t fix it unfortunately.

  • @Sebastian-Roth there isn’t anything in the logs. I even cleared both and kept trying but the logs never changed. The access log shows the 500 Server error but nothing in the error logs.

  • Moderator

    @alansopro Can you please take a look at the apache and PHP-FPM (error) logs - see my signature on where to find those - and post information here.