Best hardware for Fog server

  • Hello Every body,

    I show the fog project to my boss, and he is ok to put in production.

    What’s is better for best performance? A virtual machine or a server with m2 disk ( i think about a simple pc)
    How much ram?
    Whitch processor?
    which technical specification for good performance when i download/upload image?

    Thx for your answer

  • Moderator

    So the answer depends. How many end user computers will have the fog client installed on? How big (computer wise) is your campus? For a small site FOG will run on a Raspberry Pi3, but that doesn’t scale well.

    Most systems we would start out with 2 vCPU and 4GB of RAM. For the host OS disk 50GB and then I would recommend creating a second disk just for the images and a 3rd if you plan on having a lot of applications deployed by the fog server. The reason for independent disks for images and snapins is that you can expand a dedicated disk easier than the disk your root filesystem is on that is used by your linux OS. That is a bit deeper of a subject than what does fog run on.

  • Depends on the context what will work for you best, but in our case, not much in the way of horsepower is needed.

    Gb Nic on Gb switches, at the root of each site
    CPU is Intel Pentium E2220
    2GB RAM
    500-2 TB HDD
    in 12-year-old desktops (not server boxes)
    running CentOS 7.x x64

    15 sites with this and 150-300 computers each. The worst-case imaging scenario is summer refresh on labs at 25 systems at a time.

    More than enough.

    For one-offs and 70+ other sites, we use bootable USB keys with WIM versions of the same images .