Problems with DB setup during upgrade to 1.5.8

  • Server running Fedora 30 on Hyper-V VM and after being prompted to enter root passwordand hitting ENTER I get the following error…

    The current fogstorage database password does not meet high
       security standards. We will generate a new password and update
       all the settings on this FOG server for you. Please take note
       of the following credentials that you need to manually update
       on all your storage nodes' /opt/fog/.fogsettings configuration
       files and re-run (!) the FOG installer:
       Press [Enter] to proceed after you noted down the credentials.
     * Setting up MySQL user and database..........................Failed!
    [root@fog-server bin]#

    I’ve read that there are workarounds for blank passwords, but I can access mysql -u root -p correctly with password. Before and after attempted installation. Any suggestions ?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Developer

    This is solved in latest dev-branch.

  • Developer

    @Hanz Reaching out to you via chat.

  • Developer

    @Hanz When asked to type in the DB root password by the installer, do you copy&paste it or type it on the keyboard? I can imagine that copy&paste on some terminals doesn’t work. Not sure if it’s the case here but I have seen strange characters being added when copy&pasting text to some consoles, like 0~pastetext~1 or something similar.

  • @Sebastian-Roth yessir, but not with blank password mysql -u root…

    Does this look strange or anything ? this is under fog database

    MariaDB [fog]> select user, password, host from mysql.user;
    | user       | password                                  | host       |
    | root       | (I removed)                               | localhost  |
    | root       |                                           | fog-server |
    | root       |                                           |  |
    | root       |                                           | ::1        |
    |            |                                           | localhost  |
    |            |                                           | fog-server |
    | fogstorage | (I removed)           t                   | %          |
    7 rows in set (0.000 sec)
    MariaDB [fog]>

  • Developer

    @Hanz But you are able to login to the DB using mysql -u root -p??

  • @Sebastian-Roth

     To improve the overall security the installer will create an
       unpriviledged database user account for FOG's database access.
       Please provide the database *root* user password. Be asured
       that this password will only be used while the FOG installer
       is running and won't be stored anywhere:
       Failed! Terminating installer now.
    [root@fog-server bin]#

    GNU nano 4.2 fog_error_1.5.8.19.log
    chsh: Shell not changed.
    Changing shell for fogproject.
    New password: Retype new password: Changing password for user fogproject.
    passwd: all authentication tokens updated successfully.

    error log posted above

  • Developer

    @Hanz Would you please try the latest from dev-branch?

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