SOLVED Imaging error from Raspberry Pi

  • I’ve managed with the groups assistance to successfully install FOG on a Raspberry Pi 4, which is great. It is set up as a storage node, and I have replicated images from the master node which is a PC-based version of Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS, to the Raspberry Pi, which is Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS.
    A PC selected to have its image downloaded from the Raspberry Pi PXE boots and begins the process, until partclone is run up. The attached error appears imageerror.jpg

    read image_hdr device_size error

    and the image will not download. This error appears for each partition that is to be imaged. If I upload an image from a PC it will download successfully, but not if it has been replicated from a PC based imageserver to the Pi used as an imageserver.
    Any ideas please?

  • Moderator

    @Mark-Shelton As seen in the picture the version of partclone is 0.2.89 which is the version we used in FOG 1.5.7. Sadly it’s not able to deploy images that were created with the newer version of partclone (0.3.13) which is now used in FOG 1.5.8.

    Partclone 0.3.13 can deploy older images created by version 0.2.89 but not the other way round. Please upgrade your Raspberry Pi FOG install to FOG 1.5.8 (manually fixing the udpcast compile issue) or FOG development version (dev-branch has the udpcast compile fixed already).