Stupid question: How do I do a multicast deployment?

  • I cannot find any information on this on the forum or the wiki. Am I missing something blindingly obvious?

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    It’s not intuitive, but it is documented in the wiki, although not easy to find specifically. I look forward to you getting your wiki access and maybe we can work together to rearrange some of the documentation to make it easier to follow.

  • Thanks, guys. It just wasn’t intuitive to me that “groups” were for anything other than organization. It would be cool if this sort of info could be included in the UI in future builds.

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    I suggest you use an isolated switch to do this. At the very least, work with your network managers to make sure your multicast won’t bring down the entire network.

    Depending on the brand, type, and age of the switches, they may or may not be configured to detect multicast streams and handle them properly without flooding the network.

  • [ATTACH=full]217[/ATTACH] Hi,
    You define a group with your hosts (with image linked). Task Management, List All Groups, Click on group(s) multicast icon(s).