Add new field to Storage Node configuration

  • Moderator

    In the FOG 1.6.x stream add a new field in the storage node configuration called “Replication IP” or whatever fits the use. The intent is to use the IP address in this field for FOG Server replication. When the form is filled out, if left blank it should default to the value stored in the “IP Address” field.

    Rational: There has been times where FOG serves have 2 interfaces. Once interface is for a private imaging network and the second interface is for the business network. The FOG servers are connected together via the business network. For proper imaging in this configuration the IP address needs to be assigned to the private imaging network. When this happens image replication can not happen since that defined IP address is not reachable via the business network. By creating and using a separate field for replication, we can decouple the imaging part from the image replication functions.