New Dell Intel 10 series laptop imaging issues

  • These boards do not support legacy boot modes.

    I set up our DHCP to boot into fog via ipxe and it seems to do the imaging fine. each dell pc freezes at the bios screen. sometimes I can get it to boot into clonezilla to do my backup solution for imaging.

    Any clue what could be causing this? Is it my image?

    Dell inspiron 3493

  • Moderator

    @tech49 Let’s try to break this down to what is actually causing this. Is the image resizable or non-resizable? What size is the source disk and what size the destination?

    If destination is same size or larger I might suggest you try capturing a RAW image and deploy this just for testing.

  • The deployed image is crashing to the point I cannot even get into dell bios unless i restart it 30 times and get lucky.

    This does not happen when using the same image (Captured with) on clonezilla.

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    Its not clear in your OP is the target computer booting into the FOG iPXE menu or not? Or is your deployed image crashing after FOG is done with imaging?