• Hello Everyone!

    Here is my setup. Capture.PNG
    I have a Fog Serveur (Debian10 in a main building using the DHCP from this building and we have some others buildings where i would like to put some storage (Debian10 These storages would allow the deployment of the images they can take in the Fog Server of the main building so that it doesn’t take up all the bandwidth of the entire network.
    Here is what i would like to have.

    So here are my questions

    1. What should I configure so that storages are associated with the fog server through the network?
    2. Is the fog server the only one that must be configured as a master?
    3. How should I configure the storage so that computers booting in PXE take their image from the storage and not from the server fog?

    Thank you for your answers!

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  • @george1421 Thanks very much for the information.
    I’ll take a look at that !

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    @Zaairo The quick answer is the Location plugin adds more fields in the host and storage node configurations as well as on the FOG tool tray. I don’t think there is a tutorial on this, but its a pretty simple add and is kind of self explains. You add the locations through the location tool tray items then go into the storage node configuration and select the location from the drop down list.

  • @george1421

    Thank you for the explanations I understand better how it works.

    Do you have a tutorial on where and how to modify / use the locate plugin? This part is still a little fuzzy.
    How do i assign a location to a host? This function will be available once the plugin is added?! At the moment I don’t see it in the management of hosts on the FOG web interface.

    To be sure, only the FOG server must be in master? can storage nodes remain in slave on the other network?

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    Your planned design is how FOG was designed to work.

    You will have a master FOG server that will be in control of your FOG network. You will have one or more FOG storage nodes across you LAN or WAN. Golden images will be created on your master FOG server and will be distributed to all remote FOG storage node. The key (requirement) for this solution is an add on module for FOG called the Location plugin. With the location plugin you will assign storage nodes (including the master node). So now the storage nodes understand they belong to a location. The last bit you will need to do is as you register new hosts you will assign them to a location. So both the target host and the storage nodes know where they belong to.

    In this configuration your target computers and storage nodes must have 100% connectivity to the master FOG server. This is needed because the master FOG server is the command and control system for the FOG infrastructure.