SOLVED windows presented an error on startup

  • We created an image based on windows 10 on a 1Tb disk, after implementing it on a 500gb disk, windows presented an error on startup.

    NOTE: We had no problems when we implemented the same image on a disk of the same size of 1Tb.


  • Moderator

    These issues are typically related to how the structure is on the disk and where the data is placed. Its not really a fog issue, but an issue how the reference image placed on the golden image disk. This is important especially if your golden image is constantly recycled as you apply round 2 (through N) updates and applications. The ideal method is to rebuild your golden image every time as you upgrade your golden image.

    So how to fix…

    1. Make sure your 😄 drive is the last partition on the disk. This may require you to move or delete the recovery partition. The recovery partition is a non-resizable and sometimes non-movable partition. I also question the value of a recovery partition if you have an imaging solution in place. It is much quicker to just reimage the computer than to try to recover a failed disk.
    2. If you have done many updates to your golden image (especially over time) flush out all of your temp files and defragment the hard drive. This will (should) push all of the files towards the beginning of the disk. The idea/goal here would be to move all of the disk data below the size of the disk you will be deploying to. That makes FOG’s disk compression work a bit easier.
    3. If you are developing a golden image create that golden image on the smallest disk possible. Its is easier to expand the disk than it is to shrink it. So if you developed your golden image on a 120GB SSD, that image would deploy cleanly to 120GB disks and larger, for example.