UNSOLVED Equipment loans - how to assign loan to a user (and ideally integrate with AD)?

  • Hi all first off a simple question how can I allocate a host to a user in the form of a loan so it shows on the Equipment Loan report under Reports > Equipment loan? I’d have thought there was a checkbox or similar under a registered host but I cannot for the life of me find anything. Likewise under a local user account there is no “Loan x Host”.

    This feature if it works how I think it does would be invaluable for our service desks to keep track of who borrowed which laptop and when, as users tend to not return them unless chased.

    Which leads me to my next question, is it possible to allocate this to an Active Directory user via the LDAP Plugin somehow? I have the LDAP plugin working and logins are working to the FOG ui via membership of the relevant FOG Admins group.

    And under Reports > User tracking I can see a list of Domain user accounts to select from so it would appear that AD User lookup does work.

    Probably missing something very obvious here I’m sure…

    cheers Tom

  • @Sebastian-Roth Hey Sebastian (and all other FOG devs and users out there) hope you and yours are staying safe and sound with whats going on in the world.

    I’d forgotten about this post myself I confess - I’ve been busy trying go setup our entire workforce across several sites to work from home.

    I know our service desk team would find this feature of great benefit as keeping reliable track of who was given a loaner laptop and when can be difficult without the right tool to do it. Excel sheets or even the ticketing system don’t manage this very well.

    But given whats going on just now for everyone its very much on the distant, nice to have when the worlds in a better place list.

    Stay safe everyone.


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    @Kiweegie Your post came in on a very busy week I suppose and we lost track of it.

    It’s not something to be answered easily as it’s one of FOG’s features seldomly used. So even being part of the FOG dev team (not from the beginning!) I haven’t used the loan stuff myself yet and I’d guess this is true for 99.9% of the people in the forums here. Possibly there is a bug in FOG that needs fixing but we haven’t found the time to look into that yet.

    I’ll put it on my list to look at if you please give me a reply that you are still interested in this.