Error when deploy image with SSD Sandisk Ultra

  • Hi there,

    I’m having problems when deploying image on computers of different labs with a new SSD Sandisk Ultra, the error that shows in screen is this one

    It happends in 4 different labs with different hardware, the only common thing is that we’ve changed the HDD for SSD (We’ve modified the image)

    As you can see in the picture, there is white squares these ones are the fog project task, it finalizes ok for the system partition and for the operating system too, but no for the DATA partition.


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    @ticsoftware said in Error when deploy image with SSD Sandisk Ultra:

    The SSD have 500gb and it’s in the client and the Base computer .

    I’m still focused on ensuring that the image will fit on the target drive. If you would have told me your reference image size (captured) is 250GB and your SSD was 500GB then the problem is some where else. If you tell me the reference image is 500GB and the target SSD is 500GB then we would really need to look at the captured image size vs target disk size. Single disk resizable works, as long as you don’t have a partition at the end that can’t be resized. That last partition may extend of the end of the ssd, where it would fit perfectly on a hdd.

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    @ticsoftware Try changing the SATA mode in BIOS.

    Or if the motherboard has multiple SATA controllers (more common on older boards), try a SATA port of a different controller.

    If you could give some details on a PC that doesn’t work that would be helpful.

    Right now we don’t even know if these PCs are 1 week old or 15 years.

  • Hi, thanks for the early answer,

    It happends in different labs with different hardware (The golden img has always the same hardware as the client computers) Before the change of the SSD it works perfect. (This is the SSD model is B072R78B6Q)

    The image is exactly the same as the one that works perfectly with HDD.

    The SSD have 500gb and it’s in the client and the Base computer .

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    @ticsoftware From what I can find about “device reported invalid CHS sector 0” on the web this seems to be caused by the drive actually “hanging up” before those messages apear.

    There are numerous posts on this on the web and the gist I get is usually that this is a sign for drives starting to fail or SATA cables needed changing. This might not be the case for you as we see this happen on four of five screens in the picture and I just can’t picture this happening on so many devices at the same time.

    Though on the other hand we don’t know any hardware specs beside “new SSD Sandisk Ultra” yet. Please let us know which make and model the computers are and which SSD exactly you have.

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    I can understand the white squares, actually that is the dynamic data in the partclone screen. The issue is that when the error message is displayed it changes the location of the screen cursor so where partclone thinks it is updating changes with every new error message.

    The root cause is the error invalid cms sector.

    So tell us a bit more about the image. The golden image where you captured the original image from. How big was the physical hard drive? For your target computers, how big is the ssd you installed?