SOLVED Updating database... failed!

  • Hi everyone,

    I’m not very familiar with Debian so I’m asking for help.
    I installed a FOG server. Everything was fine on the first installation.
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    But when I turned the fog server off and back on I couldn’t access it anymore.
    So I tried to re-run the installation and it stops when the message “Updating database … failed!” appears
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    I don’t use any proxy and i got the same error with and without password on the root account for mysql
    Anything I can do here? Thanks !

  • @george1421 I received my fixed IP from the sysadmin and I redid the installation. Everything is working perfectly now. I really thought the error was coming from mysql

    I really appreciate the help you have given me. Thanks!

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    @Zaairo Can you give FOG a static IP address? If not can you request a dhcp reservation so that the fog server doesn’t change IP addresses after FOG is installed? There are static entries in the FOG configuration that get entered when the FOG installer script runs, if the FOG server changes IP addresses after FOG is installed you will run into problems.

  • Sorry i was not present due to my work.

    I looked at the logs as suggested and noticed that the fog ip could not be accessed.
    I think it’s because of the local DHCP to which I wanted to attach the FOG. I have a second FOG in a closed network with a fixed IP and this one has no problem when restarting.

    So I think that the local DHCP to which I do not have access gives it a dynamic IP and this makes access to the database inaccessible after a reboot.
    I have followed this tutorial ( but should I do something more?

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    @Zaairo said in Updating database... failed!:

    But when I turned the fog server off and back on I couldn’t access it anymore.

    You mean the web interface I suppose? Please run systemctl status apache2 php7.3-fpm and post output here. As well you want to check the apache and php-fpm logs (see my signature). The backup is done via a call to the webserver and surely fails if that is down.