Start in a special menu for a group or just an hosts

  • Hello,

    First, im sorry if my english is a little bad, i dont like to use google translate and other thing like that.

    Im actually working in a datacenter and i would like to use FOG as PXE server for start in two different rescue mode (consummers and admin rescue) and in a hdd.
    The problem is i need to start automatically in these rescue.
    I already created an interface who add the consummers server in fog databases, but, it have no options in hosts manager for start in a specially menu.
    Do u know if its possible and how i can do this ?

    Amically, Endia.

  • Senior Developer

    @Sebastian-Roth Yeah, this isn’t something readily available in the code.

    @endia If you’re at least semi familiar with code, you might look into /var/www/fog/lib/fog/bootmenu.class.php

    This isn’t currently coded for, but you might even be able to do what you want using a simple (relatively speaking) hook to alter the boot menu system.

    There’s a template hook already created that should help get you started. By creating a hook, you aren’t altering the core code within FOG. Hooks are meant as a means to inject custom data specifically around what you’re requesting to happen.

    The hook that’s setup is located in /var/www/fog/lib/hooks/bootitem.hook.php

    Ultimately what you would do is make your changes and set the active flag to true. (it’s a variable named active)

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    @Tom-Elliott might now more about this but I fear that @endia needs to get into the code for that.

  • @Sebastian-Roth
    Yes that absolutely that. When a consummers dont renew his services (or need to reinstall the OS), we say to the server boot on the admin rescue. And when a consummers have some problems on his server, he can choose to boot on consummers rescue. I already try to use the “show the menu for registered hosts” and set it as default and it work. I want to know how i can adapt this system for the groups (create two groups, RescueAdmin and RescueConsummers) and show the menu only for a group, do u have an idea ?

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    @endia Do you mean some servers need to start in the consumers rescue mode and others need to start in admin rescue mode but both should default to boot from HDD if rescue is not selected?

    How are consumer servers from admin servers I need to ask? Are they within different IP address ranges?

    If I get this all right then I have to say that FOG is not made for such a requirement. I think you would need to modify it (plugin or maybe even need to touch the core code) to make this work.

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