Does FOG use LDAP?

  • Hi,

    I recently found out that Microsoft are planning to turn off non-secure/unsigned LDAP connections to their server OS’s.

    So I’ve been looking into what services on our network might be using unsigned LDAP.

    Just wondering if FOG/FOG Client uses LDAP at all (I’m not using any LDAP plugin or anything, just a standard install) and if so, would it/can it be configured to use a secure LDAP connection?

    Thanks for any help you can give me!


  • Thankyou Fernando!

  • Developer

    FOG can use a LDAP validation installing a plugin to do it. But is an optional installation.
    To do it is necessary install the LDAP plugin in the FOG server, then config the plugin to connect to the LDAP server, in the configuration you must set the port of LDAP server (389 or 636), the username and the password to do the query.
    But only the web UI uses a LDAP connection and only during the validation step, the FOG client in the computers not use any LDAP connection.

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