Where do I find all the options for the client settings.json file?

  • I have been using the legacy fog client up till now.

    On the new client there are is no option to enable sub services for the client i.e hostname changer like the legacy client.

    I don’t get these sub options.

    Instead I get a settings.json file with limited settings. see below.

    “HTTPS”: “0”,
    “Tray”: “0”,
    “Server”: “fogserver”,
    “WebRoot”: “/fog”,
    “Version”: “0.11.16”,
    “Company”: “FOG”,
    “RootLog”: “1”

    I have searched and not found any resources that tell me how I can add the sub services to the .json file! more precisely, what settings are available to add to this file. All I want is to add the hostname changer setting.

    Please help!

  • Senior Developer

    @zuf76 Yes, take a look at the so called “Service Settings” tab within the host’s view. As well there is a global service setting in FOG Configuration -> FOG Settings -> FOG Client - … sections.

  • @Sebastian-Roth the legacy ini file doesn’t contain any credentials. Just what options you want enabling on the client. We only enable the hostname changer.

    With the new client, it sounds like if the option is enabled in the gui, it’ll just invoke that on the client?

  • Senior Developer

    @zuf76 Why would you want to add those settings in the client config file? Hostname changer details (domain, user password) are set within the FOG web UI.

    Sorry for being ignorant but the legacy is that old I don’t even remember what kind of “sub service” settings you could make on the client. If you mean the basic of enabling hostname changer for a client, that setting is within the web UI as well.

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