• Hi,

    I have a hp laptop 8460p wich can’t boot fog because of lack of drivers for the graphic card, (wich is an ATI).
    So , i decided to build a new kernel… and so far with no sucess 😞
    I’m tried to build the 3.5.0-17 version. When i boot any host with this new kernel, i get:
    “kernel panic - not syning: No init found. Try passing init= option to kernel.”

    My fogserver is an ubuntu server 12.10.
    I built the kernel on another ubuntu 12.10 machine.
    My fog version is 0.32

    What am i doing wrong??
    All i want is to add graphic drivers to the kernel so i can boot my new hosts.

    I really would like to learn on how this is done.

  • One of the things I’ve learned with building a custom kernel is to Read the friendly Wiki page or (RTFW) as other so like to display.

    If you’re building the kernel on a 64 bit system, make sure your make commands are:

    make ARCH=i386 <command>

    So when you’re doing the menuconfig do:

    make ARCH=i386 menuconfig

    Then make your changes and save the new config.

    Then when you create the bzImage file do:

    make ARCH=i386 bzImage.

    I would almost recommend making this an actual part of the WIKI rather than just a note, as it wouldn’t hurt anything to do this from any platform whether i386 or 64 bit.

    Thank you,

  • Chad,

    I’m looking to see if your custom kernel may take care of an issue we’re seeing with an HP ProBook 4545s. We get the following message when we try to upload a newly created image to the FOG Server.

    FOG Server version 0.32


  • Moderator

    If you’ll PM me your email address, I can google or dropbox share a kernel with you that seems to work with most newer ATI video cards.

  • log into the fog web interface.
    Click Other Information (Blue Question Mark)
    then on the left hand side click Kernel Updates
    Select one you want to try.
    All fog clients will then boot using this kernel.

  • I have the same problem. Trying to get this right and did this 2x. Please if there is anyone out there who might help it would be great!