SOLVED Fake folder taking up all storage

  • Hi

    Hoping someone can help, quite new to Fog so learning as I go.

    I had to re-install our Fog server however I now have a fake directory taking up 88Gb of space, when attempting to access via Putty I’m told the directory doesn’t exist.

    Long story short how do I remove the contents of this directory?

    /dev/mapper/centos-Images 88G 33M 88G 1% /Images

    I’ll be completely honest i’m not sure if this is a Fog or CentOS 7 issue

    Thanks for any help

  • @Daniel-Miller Thank you, I’m learning both Cent and Fog at the same time, challenging but interesting, I couldnt find why I had 127Gb total storage but only 27Gb was being shown in Fog GUID so I ended up re-building the server. Appreciate the info though.

  • Moderator

    /dev/mapper are Logical Volumes, part of LVM.

    It says it is currently using 1% of the 88GB

  • I believe you are misunderstanding that result from df. That line says that there is a volume of size 88GB with a filesystem currently housing 33MB of data that is mounted under the directory /Images. Separating the content of /images (where FOG keeps the captured image data by default) is a common practice, but in your case it seems there may be a capital ‘i’ in the directory name. If you installed FOG without reusing the previous settings, it may be the case that you are not seeing all the space that was available to you previously due to this naming mismatch. If you want to use this volume for storing you images, you can change the location of the image store to /Images in your storage node configuration.