Installing FOG on Ubuntu 18.04 Desktop

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    I was testing the installation of FOG on Ubuntu 18.04 desktop. I was stuck on the part where it asks "Would you like to change the default network interface from interface… select No. [y/N]. When i type n and press enter I get the same question. I am wondering if I just need to reinstall it as it might be hung up by something. Let me know if anyone has had this problem and can provide a solution. Thank you.

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    @Dv27842 said in Installing FOG on Ubuntu 18.04 Desktop:

    Synology NAS

    Setting this up is fairly advanced! You are better off just using a simple setup with just one FOG server (including it’s own storage) in a VirtualBox I’d say. Play with this and when you are ready take the next step.

  • @Sebastian-Roth Thank you. I will soon have to set this up on a Virtual-box or directly on to the Synology NAS. I will test it first as you advised, but do you recommend a different version for the installation? My plan was to run FOG on a VirtualBox and setup NAS to emulate a FOG storage node. I am not sure if you can advise something better, let me know if you have a better strategy.

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    @Dv27842 While I would not advice anyone to install FOG on a Desktop Linux setup I think this could be caused by a bug we have in the last official release 1.5.7 caused in setups with several network adapters. So you might try to install from git and use dev-branch.

    But I would still advice you grab VirtualBox and install a Linux server OS there to test FOG.

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