unable to download NBP file

  • I have a Windows 2019 host running Hyper-V. When I try to PXE boot an Ubuntu 18.04 virtual server the server freezes. It’s unable to download the NBP file. I have the Ubuntu Virtual Server set as Generation 2. Below is what is on the screen when I boot.

    NBP filename is /ipxe.efi
    NBP filesize is 1003488 bytes
    Downloading NBP file . . .

    How do I get the NBP file to download?


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    @rhromyko Well, although it “should” work I’d still change it to ipxe.efi without the slash.

    Please read George’s first message again. Hi linked a post on how to capture the network traffic so we see what’s actually going on. Anything else is just wild guess work and not much worth.

  • /ipxe.efi is correct, there is a forward slash in the message

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    @rhromyko said in unable to download NBP file:

    NBP filename is /ipxe.efi

    I just noticed the slash. While I don’t think it’s causing your problem I still wonder if this is a typo or intention?

  • I was able to do a FOG PXE capture on a physical server so I guess we can rule out the FOG server which leaves DHCP or Hyper-V or the Windows 2019 host.

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    @rhromyko So the only thing you don’t know is if the fog server sent the file to the target computer. You may be able to find the answer in the /var/log directory. The tftp service should log in there into its own file or in /var/log/messages.

    Also hyper-v isn’t my favorite hypervisor for developing the golden image on.

    The other thing is to use a physical machine to compare how it boots vs the hyper-v vm. If the physical machine boots then you can rule out the fog server for problems.

  • Yes the FOG server, Hyper-V host and Ubuntu Virtual server are all on the same subnet. In addition to the message above I forgot to include these lines

    Start PXE over IPv4.
    Station IP address is
    Server IP address is

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    Lets start out by getting a pcap from the perspective of the FOG server. This tutorial will give us the best info if the fog server and pxe booting client are on the same subnet. https://forums.fogproject.org/topic/9673/when-dhcp-pxe-booting-process-goes-bad-and-you-have-no-clue

    We see from the error message that the file name appears to be set correctly. But the bits we don’t see is the boot server IP address or if the vm actually downloads the ipxe boot loader. The pcap will tell us that.

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