No shortcut on desktop after spaning

  • Hello, here is my little problem:
    I need to install programs on multiple computers.
    My environment: Domain server, Win 7 client workstation
    So I use the Snapin. The programs to install are .exe.
    The installation is going very well, the software is installed and working. The concern is that there are no shortcuts on the desktop. We can find the software in the windows start menu. I tried as an argument / VERYSILENT / ALLUSERS
    Have you encountered this little problem? Thanks in advance. cordially

  • Moderator

    @Fredorum We need more infos to be able to help. What software do you install? Have you tried installing this software manually (as well using the exact same parameters)? Do you get the desktop icon if doing it manually?

    The fog-client runs as SYSTEM service account. This might cause the installer to act different to what you might expect. It might be easier to just create the desktop icon within a batch script that you run as snapin.