Deployment across multiple VLANS

  • Will FOG work across Multiple VLANS? What I would love to do is set fog up in our server room at another locations and have it deploy images that way, if not I could put it on a desktop machine and take it with me throughout the locations. We are a K12 school…

  • Moderator

    It does work across VLANs, with some notes. You have to have IP Helper or DHCP Relay enabled on the router, which you might already have if your current DHCP server can handle requests from all the VLAN’s. If you use ProxyDHCP, you’ll need to add an additional IP Helper/DHCP Relay to the router. You need good uplinks or your FOG performance will suffer. Make sure no uplinks are slower than the NIC speed of your FOG server.

    If you plan to do mass deployments, you may slow down parts of the network that are sharing the switches between your FOG server and clients. Imaging 10 to 20 machines via unicast uses a lot of bandwith.

    If you plan to multicast, make sure you setup and test your switches and routers so you don’t take down the entire campus network.