• Hi,
    I search how to shutdown XP client with FOG. Snapin’s? So I am a very beginner. If somebody have a compiled snapin’s ready to go, I am interested.
    ubantu 12.04
    fog 0.32
    Install and create first image in less than 2 hours!
    Thanks to developers

  • Developer

    Easy 🙂 make a “deploy one snapin task” in Advanced Tasks Section

  • Hi,
    How to execute the snapin? I update and link it to host.

  • I try it, thank you very much.

  • Developer

    This .exe (you must uncompress) shutdown the machine


  • Sorry, but how-to is too complicated for me on windows XP side. Can you give me a step by step implementation of the basic command you mentioned previously in a snapin’s? a very basic how-to!
    Thanks a lot for help

  • Developer

    Only run the next command:
    C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\shutdown.exe -s -t 0
    You can make a script or .exe (see tutorial about howTO 😉 )

  • Hi,
    It`s very cliear. Where to find snapin’s to shutdown ready to go?
    Best regards

  • Developer

    Well. You have two ways:

    1. Use one snapin to shutdown them. You can program it to launch dayly, weekly ,…
    2. You can setup the greenFOG service only in the computers that you want shutdown.

    The most services in FOG are global. His setting, activated or not acticated, is applied to all Pcs. Then, you can activate the service in the PC setting. For example:
    In webui fog>service>GreenFOG. Service Activate: YES
    We add two new scheduled tasks:
    []08:00 shutdown
    ]23:00 reboot
    We have four PC: PC1, PC2, PC3, PC4
    In PC1 and PC2 we activate the GreenFOG service (be care, by default, the checkboxes appear checked, but the services aren’t activated. You must update them)
    In PC3 and PC4 the GreenFOG service isn’t activated.
    What happen?
    At 8:00 PC1 and PC2 will be turned off and at 23:00 will be rebooted.

    Now, we add a new PC, PC5. We want to shutdown it at 02:00. We add a new scheduled tasks in fog>service>GreenFOG:
    [*]02:00 shutdown
    We activate the GreenFOG setting in PC5.
    What happen?
    At 8:00 PC1, PC2 an PC5 will be turned off and at 23:00 will be rebooted.
    At 02:00 PC1, PC2 and PC5 will be turned off. :mad: I’am making High Performance Computing in PC1 and PC2.

    I don’t know if is clear 😞

    PD: we use snapins to shutdown the computers

  • Hi,
    Thanks for answer. Then how-to shutdown one or several hosts without greenFog service?

  • Developer

    Be care. Green FOG shutdowns or reboots all computers which are in the FOG Database. The Green FOG setup is for all computers, you can’t setup it to a little group of computers.

  • Hi,
    Silly I am. In FOG Configuration -> Green FOG.