SOLVED DHCP Proxy serves IP but does not get PXE Image via TFTP

  • I’m trying to get a proxy DHCP instance of FOG running on our network. We’re already using a DHCP server but its an old Windows 2008 box that I’m not really wanting to go poking around in.

    Anyways, I’ve followed the wiki entries for using dnsmasq, and the system delivers an IP and the proper FOG server addresses no problem, however the network boot just displays “TFPT” and then terminates, almost as if there’s nothing being sent to it.

    FOG is running on the latest Lubuntu build on a repurposed VPN server (straight wipe=clean build, no remnants of the old VPN OS on it).

    Anyone have any ideas? Should I just go to one of the Ubuntu server releases? I’ve got a standalone FOG server already running and working great, just trying to get this new one to play with our network DHCP server so I can plug in to image anywhere.

  • The answer lies in the configuration of the routers. They must be able to route client requests from the client’s network to the DHCP server’s network. One of these simple rules of the router is " IP helper."This simply tells the router to redirect DHCP requests to the known IP address of the DHP server. I used to always use a VPN or proxy server, but this slowed down my connection and my computer. There are some VPNs that are worse than google chrome, it was mostly because I was spending time on Pirate Bay and it was blocked a lot. You can use one of PirateBay proxies to access it always with no problem.

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    I believe the wiki page is based on my tutorial page:

    If you use my dnsmasq configuration file exactly then it will work. In my config file make sure you replace <fog_server_IP> completely with the IP address of your fog server. It appears several places in the config file.

    Understand out of the box dnsmasq will only work when the pxe booting client and dnsmasq server are on the same subnet. If they are on different subnets then you will need to update your dhcp-relay/helper service on your subnet router. Add the fog (dnsmasq) server as the last dhcp server in the dhcp-relay list. This will make the dnsmasq server aware of the dhcp requests from other subnets.

    If you still can’t get it we can debug the dhcp/pxe boot process pretty easily.