Creating Windows 7 image with Sysprep

  • I am trying to create a fog image on a windows 7 machine. On a past version of Fog I used an unattend.xml file and ran a command to sysprep . I tried this recently and it uploaded to Fog but then would not boot to the operating system, so I have to rebuild the image from scratch. I just recently built a new fog server 1.5.7 and wanted to know if there is an updated way of doing this or if you can point me to an article on how to accomplish capturing the image once I am done building it?

    Thank you in advance!

  • Moderator

    Here is a sanitized version of my unattend.xml file and how I call the sysprep. I used pretty much the same unattend.xml file with windows 10 deployments.

    I might recommend that you build your reference image on a virtual machine so you can take snapshots to save the system state as important steps. This saves countless hours of having to start over from the beginning when something goes bad.