How to modify the ipxe menu to directly deploy a fog image

  • I would like some help to modify my ipxe menu on fog. In order to directly launch a fog image.
    I did not find much on the web …
    Thanks in advance

  • Developer

    @Hubi i’m pretty sure there’s references on how to do it on the forums, but here’s how i’ve done it in the advanced menu. it will take just a little modification to put this into the ipxe menu entries instead, but it should give you a pretty good idea of where to start

    kernel bzImage root=/dev/ram0 rw ramdisk_size=127000 ip=dhcp web=${fog-ip}/fog/ consoleblank=0 loglevel=4 type=down img=Win7SP1x64 ftp=${fog-ip} imgType=n imgPartitionType=all osid=5 storage=${fog-ip}:/images/ capone=1
    imgfetch init.xz
    boot ||
    goto MENU

  • @Junkhacker
    Thank you for answering me so far
    Yes I want to do it by modifying the ipxe menu.
    The problem is that I couldn’t find a tutorial, or documentation to change the menu order and add a line to the menu to deploy an FOG image without a password .
    Can you redirect me to this tutorial and/or documentation ?

  • Developer

    @Hubi ok, that’s a little different. i haven’t touched it in a long time, but we have a plugin called “capone” that does exactly that. i’m not sure if it’s been updated or supported. i just tried to activate it on my dev server and it didn’t work, but that might just be my dev server being a little borken (i’ll leave that typo, it seems fitting).

    if the plugin doesn’t work, it can still be done with adding a custom ipxe menu item and setting it as the default for unregistered hosts.

  • @Junkhacker

    Okay, maybe I wasn’t clear.
    The objective is to directly master a computer, without having to record it in fog.
    Typically I want to initialize fog so that it deploys an image directly when I boot in pxe without the anregistered, without authenticating myself to select the image.
    So even if fog doesn’t know the computer it directly starts the deployment of the image, and the only operation I have to do on the machine is to start it in pxe

  • Developer

    @Hubi that sounds like fog’s normal mode of operation though

    you schedule an imaging task telling what hosts to be re-imaged with what image, and on the next boot they do it

    what am i missing here?

  • @Junkhacker The objective is that my fog server can capture images. And that the first option of the ipxe menu deploys a fog image chosen upstream. So I record a fog image, and I quickly deploy this image on hundreds of computers just by pressing F12 each time

  • Developer

    @Hubi could you provide more details on exactly what you’re trying to do and what you’re trying to achieve? there are multiple ways of doing things that match what you describe, and some of them can have very bad consequences if done without understanding the goal and environment. i wouldn’t want to give you instructions on how to reimage every computer when they boot without an understanding that it’s what you actually want…

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