Need advice for network configuration

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    I set up a new fog server to replace an old one.
    We have 1 vlan for the servers, 1 VLAN (2) for the pc (~ 500) which are in the rooms of TP, 1 VLAN for the positions of the personnel of administration, and other VLANs for the wifi, projects …
    My predecessor had configured the current fog server with an interface and an interface and an IP for the management interface on the server VLAN and its storage node on the VLAN (2). I think it was to avoid broadcasting multicast streams across the router.
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    On the test server, for the moment I only have an interface on the server VLAN.
    During the deployment tests on lots of 10 machines I did not see a drop in performance.
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    Which architecture do you recommend?

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    @lebrun78 said in Need advice for network configuration:

    Which architecture do you recommend?

    That depends on the network components you have. What kind of router do you have? If possible I’d put the 500 educational hosts and the FOG server on the same switch/branch of your network. Don’t run it through your backbone if you can avoid it. Leaning towards setup one (above picture).

    On the other hand I am not sure I understand why you’d make things more complicated by running the FOG server dual homed. Why not just have the FOG server in the educational hosts network segment and allow HTTP/HTTPS web access from the admin PCs to the FOG server across your router.

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