• I have been a FOG user from as far back as 2012. I made the switch from XP to Windows 7 back several years ago, and now I guess we put off Windows 10 as long as we could. As far as I can tell FOG doesn’t care if I am imaging Windows 7 or Windows 10, I just have to SYSPREP correctly.

    So my question is, where is the best documentation on using sysprep in Windows 10?. Yes, I could search Google and sort through dozens of inaccurate sites, but I don’t want to waste the time. I am going to the experts.


  • Thanks, everyone for the help. Our new laptops arrived today and I plan on a rollout after the holiday break (January 6th). I hope I gave myself enough time.


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    @mcarrara said in Migrating to Windows 10:

    As far as I can tell FOG doesn’t care if I am imaging Windows 7 or Windows 10

    It’s not much of a difference. Though I don’t have all the bits and pieces of the cloning scripts in my head and would still argue you properly set Win 10 as image type in FOG!

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    Here is my example of the unattend.xml file and sysprep commands. https://forums.fogproject.org/topic/11920/windows-10-1803-sysprep-problem/7

    The unattend.xml file is used on the other side of sysprep to build the target system, its not used to build the golden image. Since you are just getting started with Win10, you have a long way to go. You won’t have the flexibility in customizing the image as you had with Win7. At times you will go mad trying to tweak the win10 image into doing something simple (like when adobe acrobat is installed, but win10 insists on using edge to display pdf files).

    Also a great resource for building golden images is the Deployment Research web site. There is a lot of great examples there you just have to dig for them a bit. https://deploymentresearch.com/building-a-windows-10-v1809-reference-image-using-microsoft-deployment-toolkit-mdt/