• Can someone with sourgeforce webpage access upload a new custom kernel to the website. We are having trouble imaging Dell Optiplex 3010 and I think a kernel update is needed. The latest kernel on the website is 3.3.3 from 4-27-12…I think the latest linux kernel is 3.6.8

  • Moderator

    how many times are you going to post this request? The FOG kernel is built for FOG and is not a general use kernel. As the developers config and compile a new kernel, they put it on sourceforge when it’s ready. The volunteers in the community also custom compile FOG kernels, but they are not official FOG kernels and most likely will never make it on FOG’s sourceforge kernels page.

    You can always try the wiki article on compiling a custom kernel, or post the specifics about the machine you are having issues with and see if someone can help by providing or compiling a custom kernel for you.