• Can we clean up the “Host module setting” and rid ourselves of the “old client” configuration/setting choices? I’ve been on the new client for untold years and I can’t imagine that anyone else has “old client” support issues/concerns. That being said all options with the old client are “grayed out” except the “Client Updater”. Which has a check box even though I am on the new client and it claims this only reflects on the old client.

    Just thought a little cleanup would be an easy fix.

  • Moderator

    @sgoodman While this is a good point and I like the idea of a cleanup it’s not as easy as removing those options I am afraid. There is quite some code logic in the background that I would argue needs a cleanup together with this as well.

    Not sure if we should consider removing it all in a rush now. Sure we can just remove the UI part of it quickly. But all the rest would then stay in the code for way longer I suppose.