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  • Hi, I have a quick and simple question that I wanted to ask.

    I looked over the FOG settings, I noticed presents of Log Out setting, but I never found Lock Out setting. Students in my class keep wondering why their computers just Log them out. I do understand that this setting Logs them out and not Locks their computer.

    I just wonder if there are plans for a future updates, where this option will be possible, or if this option already available then where can I find it, so that I could included in my classroom setting, and keep all students computers safe and secure. Instead of login them out their machine. If this setting isn’t available right now, I just interested to know if this option possible in future updates of FOG machine.

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    @Mark-krikunov said in Lock out Setting:

    computers it self on a timer, but this can be removed by students

    Not via a domain GPO. If the setting is configured by GPO is a rule and can’t be changed.

    As for the linux side there isn’t a gpo equivalent so each instant would have to be configured.

  • I am running a Linux and Windows Images at same time. And some machines even have Dual boot image operating. I can setup the Windows machines to Lock the computers it self on a timer, but this can be removed by students. I wanted this option on the server that I could have a control over this setting, and that if they do close it, I will have a server do it any way and keep their computers safe. Students usually just forget to Lock their computers and walk away and some of them have this setting off.

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    Really (IMO) this is best managed via a GPO policy applied to the computers (assuming they are using ms windows based systems). That way you can enforce the system lock and the timing of such. We also added in a lock grace period of 3 seconds. So the screen saver lock will kick in, but the user has 3 seconds to touch the keyboard or mouse before the lock actually locks the system. Its not mandatory but a nice feature if you are sitting at your computer but not actually doing anything to cause input.

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