Hyper-V virtual machine image hanging at init.xz... ok

  • I found similar threads with others reporting this but I haven’t had any luck deploying an image to my Hyper-V virtual machine. I created all the DHCP options for different architecture. This used to work in the past but we had to rebuild the fog server about 6 months ago and it stopped working around then. I’m wondering if a Fog update may have broke this. This is a Windows 10 Enterprise 1803 Gen2 virtual machine running on an HP Proliant server.

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    @george1421 After fully patching the workstation it still run compatibility ok. I didn’t try imaging before but I completed imaging the VM after the update and it imaged but threw a strange error:

    It almost looks like a core dump but the system kept imaging. I have noticed several times that in the percent complete line it will post a message about balloon request will be partially <something>. And then several seconds later balloon floor reached. On both esxi and now on hyper-v. But I think that is a topic for a different thread and a different time.

    Edit: Irrelevant follow up. I noticed that 4.19.48 was listed on the screen shot so I confirmed the version of bzImage and it was indeed 4.19.48. I put back 4.19.64 (which was shipped with fog 1.5.7 and that CPU core dump did not come back on a system reimage. So its possible the older bzImage had issues that were resolved in 4.19.64.

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    @holydonut Well I don’t have good news for you, because I just stood up a win10 1903 Pro CBB machine and the VM boots into the fog menu and compatibility check under hyper-v without issue. Now understand there may be windows updates pending. But on a fresh build it works out of the box.

  • @Sebastian-Roth Not saying this isn’t related to the issue I had previously, however, the issues I had caused the image to stall at ipxe initializing devices. Sounds like @holydonut is making it past that to stall at init.xz. This a bootfile issue? @holydonut are you sure you are uefi network booting other machines to fog?

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    @holydonut We are not talking about the OS in the VM but the Windows running HyperV!

  • thanks for the help guys. I built a new image with Windows 10 1903 with latest updates and it also hangs at init.xz

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    FWIW I spun up a Hyper-V VM on Windows 2016 DataCenter server and it pxe booted correctly with a UEFI VM. Imaging rates are not quite a good as vSphere, but the 2016 DC server is running as a VM under vSphere so it was a vm inside a vm. The settled transfer rates were about 7.2GB/m vs 13GB/m under vSphere on the same physical VM host. So at least with Hyper-V on 2016 DataCenter we are not seeing the slow imaging speeds or the hangs we are seeing with Win10 Hyper-V. If I have time this week I’ll spin up a Win10 1903 install and enable Hyper-V to see if I get similar results on a Dell o7050.

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    @holydonut Probably another regressing caused by Microsoft as described here: http://forum.ipxe.org/showthread.php?tid=10998

    Do you have all the latest updates for 1803 installed???

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    @holydonut I had forgotten about this but I think you might run into the issue described here: https://forums.fogproject.org/topic/11348/hyper-v-and-pxe-boot-to-fog-problems

  • I can’t recall the FOG version before the server rebuild. We’re on the following version.

    Estimated FOG Sites:4290

    Latest Version:1.5.7

    Latest Development Version:

    Latest SVN Version:6078

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    @holydonut From the title of your post it sounds like it could be a newer kernel causing the hang.

    Which FOG version did you use before the server rebuild? Which version do you use now?

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