SOLVED Ping more than 4 hosts together

  • Hi,

    Is it possible to change the number of hosts that are pinged together when you list all your hosts?
    Now fog pings 4 hosts together so when i want to see what is up i have to wait more than 1.5 minute (+150 clients)


  • As you get more clients that will get worse, especially when you get clients that are not active. I suggest you look into disabling the PING unless you have a reason to have it active. (Can’t remember how to do that right now, but I am pretty sure it is something you have to dig into the config files to change). When we were at about 250 clients it got too time consuming. Now that we are at 700+ I can not imagine what it would be like.
    I guess my suggestion would be to have a simple on/off on the ping.

  • Moderator

    Have you checked the FOG Settings -> Other Settings area? I don’t have a FOG server in front of me to check. If you just must have it and it’s not available in the settings, you can always modify the scripts on the server to do whatever you want. The beauty of Open Source.

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