• I have an image that was created as follows. Convert disk to GPT, Pxe boot (efi) into sccm server, pull stock windows 10 image. Clean it up. Then captured it via pxe booting (efi again) into fog. This happens when trying to deploy it.

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    @brakcounty To get some more information, can you please schedule a debug deploy task (same as you would do a normal deploy task but just before you hit the last button in the web UI there is a check box for debug). Boot up the client as usual and let it boot up. Then you need to hit ENTER twice to get to the shell. Now type fog and ENTER again to start and step through all the process till you hit the error. It will throw you back to the shell. Now type:

    sgdisk -gl /images/Win10Standard_GPT_EFI/d1.mbr /dev/sda

    It surely will fail. Take a picture of the screen and post that here.

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    @brakcounty said in restoring gpt partition tables failed:

    Convert disk to GPT

    I am fairly sure this is what is causing the problem. We have seen this in the forums before. Can’t remember the details right now.

    I think last time I used a hex editor to manually adjust wrong sector counts in the MBR to help a user make it work.